Welcome to Final Frontier Plus!

Final Frontier Plus is, as the name suggests (and as the readme will tell you if you read it), a modmod of Jon Shafer's Final Frontier mod/scenario included with Beyond the Sword. Unlike most of the existing Final Frontier modmods, it is not a total conversion; instead, it is an expansion of Final Frontier itself. The goals of the project are threefold.

The first goal is to significantly improve the speed and reliability of Final Frontier. Through a handful of merged speed mods, as well as countless bug fixes accumulated over the last few years, we have mostly accomplished this goal. Final Frontier Plus runs at nearly the speed of unmodded Beyond the Sword and has fixed almost all outstanding issues with the original mod-scenario. Future improvements will likely still occur over time, especially as more bugs may be unwittingly introduced.

The second goal is to make Final Frontier Plus a richer and more immersive experience than the Final Frontier scenario. As anyone who has played Final Frontier will likely realize, that mod is rather lacking in terms of content. This is an open-ended goal. Through the work of God-Emperor, many new features have been added to the game and the BUG interface has been overlaid over the Final Frontier interface. More work in this area of things is to come over time.

The third goal is to improve a modder's experience in modding Final Frontier. To do this, we have removed a number of hardcoded limitations from the Python code of Final Frontier, created a number of new XML tags as a result of the removal of such hardcoding, and finally generally cleaned up the original Final Frontier code. This too is an open-ended goal that currently has received more focus than adding new content (as it goes along with improving speed and reliability).

-- God-Emperor and TC01

This Website

This website is a work in progress that emerged in the Summer of 2015 when I (TC01) made the decision to finally move Final Frontier Plus away from Sourceforge.

More will probably gradually be added here over time.


You can download the mod from our ModDB page, or from the files hosted on CivFanatics and WePlayCiv, two major Civilization modding sites. Both of these are linked on the left.

There is an executable installer, but it may not play well with versions of Civilization 4 for Steam. Please use the zipped "manual install" instead if you run into trouble.

Note that you must have Beyond the Sword installed and patched to 3.19 to run this mod.

Sadly, because Firaxis and Aspyr Media never released a way to build the DLL for Mac, we have no way of supporting Beyond the Sword for Mac. This mod is Windows only.


Currently, the mod is developed by two people; God-Emperor and TC01 (their handles on CivFanatics Forums).

Development is slow these days, and if it happens at all it usually consists of bugfixes. We would welcome any and all contributions, be it art work, code, XML, maps, well-grounded ideas for new content and civilizations, or even just flavorful background text. FF+ is likely to remain in "maintenance mode" for the forseeable future in the absence of contributions from others.

The main Github repository (our Github organization is linked on the left) contains all the source code, but not the art assets. Those are stored in the civ4ffplus-art repository. We use Firaxis's PakBuild tool to build the contents of the art repository into FPK files.

The state of the git repositories will likely improve with time (as noted above, it is only recently been imported from Sourceforge).